IDEA Project


Include Disability and Employ this Ability (IDEA)

Fiji Trades Union Congress Constitution Preamble (C) state that;

The FTUC will;

c)       support and pledges solidarity with all working people irrespective of gender, creed, race, ethnic origin, colour, place of origin, sexual orientation, birth, primary language, economic status, age and disability.

The IDEA project was launched on June 4th by the Fiji Peoples Disabled Federation and on the 18th of July; I was invited to be part of the survey launch where we were informed that the employment of persons with disabilities (PWD) in Fiji is reported by the Ministry of Labour to be 3,964. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that there are more than 120,000 persons in Fiji living with a disability, of these, it is reasonable to expect that more than 30,000 adults are able to undertake employment.

People with disabilities are the most vulnerable to human rights abuses, and FTUC through its leaders has through its history championed the cause of human rights, I urge you, the youth to take up this challenge and protect those that are already in the workforce.

I urge us, the youth wing of FTUC to reach out and protect the rights of those disabled working within your respective unions and those that are not unionised. We must make a stand and help advocate the viability of including those with disabilities in employment wherever capable.


In solidarity. Matthew YLF  & FTUC Organizer Michael

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