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“It was the labor movement that helped secure so much of what we take for granted today. The 40-hour work week, the minimum wage, family leave, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, retirement plans. The cornerstones of the middle-class security all bear the union label. ”
-Barack Obama-


WELCOME  to the Fiji Trades Union Congress website.


The website offers visitors an insight into our operation as the largest union group in Fiji.

Our pages include press releases and statements relevant to the union movement across the country and worldwide.

Campaigns are also included in our pages as we struggle amidst strong opposition to fight for the rights of workers who are left vulnerable to the risk of job loss, de-unionisation, threats against their families and themselves and many more.

We have also included contacts that enable free and open communication between our orgnisation and you.

We encourage you to regularly pay us a visit and also leave suggestions and recommendations to enhance the look and feel of the website.

Thank you for your visit and we hope to provide you with an updated website to keep you informed of the latest trade union -related events in Fiji.

Solidarity Forever

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