ILO calls for revision

ILO calls for revision

Nasik Swami – Fiji Times
Thursday, June 18, 2015

THE International Labour Organization has called on the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights to relook at the scope of Fiji’s essential services and consider what is compatible with ILO’s Freedom of Association.

ILO’s senior International Labour Standards and Labour Law specialist Alain Pelce told the committee that the Employment Relations (Amendment) Bill 2015 should reconsider the essential services list and only include those that were vital to the country.

Mr Pelce said Fiji Airways was not necessarily an essential service, but was included as one in the Bill.

When questioned by committee chairman Ashneel Sudhakar whether banks were essential services, he said while the situation of other countries may differ, banks were not an essential service.

He told the committee the giving the minister the power to declare a workers strike illegal was wrong.

“This decision should lie with an independent body and not the minister.

“Have a second look at what is the scope and what is compatible with ILO Freedom of Association.”

Mr Pelce also told the committee to consider removing the penalty of imprisonment when workers go on a strike.

Mr Sudhakar said the ILO had taken the committee to the right path as Fiji tried to meet international standards and best practices.

Source Fiji Times