Fiji Workers and the ILO Report on Pacific SIDS

(Picture: ILO)

Around one in five workers in Fiji still earn too little to escape the US$2 per day poverty. Two in five live just above the poverty line and remain highly vulnerable to falling back into poverty. These are findings revealed in the ILO Report on Decent Work and Social Justice in Pacific Small Island Developing States.

The FTUC has continuously voiced its concern over the treatment of workers in the country, particularly regarding the National Minimum Wage amongst other issues.

The report further declares that the Pacific region suffers from high unemployment and underemployment, and particularly amongst young men and women who form a significant part of the population.

The political upheavals of the past have also contributed to the lack of growth of export industries in Fiji, PNG and the Solomon Islands.

The FTUC believes that the Report is an accurate representation of the issues faced by workers in the country and hopes that the newly “elected” government will through democratic processes championed by the workers movement put a stop to the exploitation of Fiji’s working population.

The Report is available on Decent Work and Social Justice in Pacific SIDS