The following media reports are those directly linked to FTUC and the recent issues that have surrounded the union movement in Fiji.


Fiji’s Unemployment Rate At Its Highest

(FTUC Responses to Labour Minister’s Claims of High Job Rates) 15/05

                                   FTUC Announces Political Movement

(ACTU disappointed with Australia’s sympathy for Fiji regime) 15/01


(Sharan Burrow interview on her recent visit to Fiji) 14/01


(New political party for unionists) 14/01



(ITF and IndustriALL show of support for the reinstatement of labour rights in the country)

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Reports on possible removal of US Trade GSP Scheme

(We are Ready to Defend Ourselves) fijivillage 22/09
(Fiji Will Not Compromise Labour Principles: State) fbc news – 24/09
(Consider Welfare of Workers) fbc news – 24/09
(Trade PS laments on effects on jobs if Fiji is removed from US GSP Scheme)
(Government has itself to blame: FTUC on… fijivillage )
(FTUC slams back fbc news )
 (Jobs at Risk)
(New Political groups emerging: comments on FTUC forming its own party)

ILO Direct Contacts Mission Team Expelled from Fiji By Fiji Government.

(Why has the UN’s ILO been kicked Out of an Island Paradise?) The Huffington Post 22/09
 (Setback as Fiji orders International Labour Organisation to go) Australian
(Brit TUC calls on EU to continue Fiji’s sanctions) TUC
(Fiji’s military government expels ILO team) IUF
(Fiji’s Expulsion of ILO mission disgraceful) ITUC
 (Optimism takes a blow) The Interpreter
(Fiji Invites ILO mission back but lays out new terms of reference) Radio New Zealand International
(Govt welcomes new ILO visit) fijilive
(ACTU is giving false impression) fijilive
 (Stopping Australians from coming to Fiji will affect Jobs) fijivillage
(Govt states that ILO was asked to leave at earliest opportunity) fijivillage
(ILO Delegation) fijitv
(FTUC reaction) fijitv
 (Trade unions) fijitv


(New concerns about Fijian workers’ rights after regime baulks at scrutiny, ordering ILO out of the country…on ACTU website)

(Fiji’s military rulers expel ILO mission…on touchstone )
(Fiji govt kicks out ILO mission..on industriall website )
(Fiji expels ILO mission ..on raw news )
(Regime expels International Labour Organisation Delegation ..on torturewatch )


(ILO fact finding team ordered out of Fiji…on coup four and a half)
(Fiji expels UN Labour delegation…on Radio Australia)
(FTA requests for scrapped public holidays to be reinstated..on Fiji village)
(Soroptomist International wants paid paternity leave for fathers..on Fiji live)
(Visiting ILO team asked to leave)
(Expulsion of ILO team typical of regime game playing)
(ILO mission to Fiji aborted ILO News )


Urai Stopped from Travelling to China by Fijian Authorities at Nadi Airport


(Govt apologises for Urai’s flight delay) fijilive 25/09
 (Fiji interim govt apologises to detained unionist) radionewzealand 25/09
fbc news 25/09


 Other News


(Former Wages Chair Crosses Swords with Regime) coupfourandahalf 23/09
(Police cancel “national treat march”) fijitmes 22/09
(Former Wages Chair Crosses Swords with Regime) coupfourandahalf 23/09
(Coups Linked with Economic Injustices) fijivillage 23/09

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